• ACFE Advisory Council


    advisory-council.jpgHelp Shape the Future of the ACFE 


    Join the ACFE Advisory Council 

    The ACFE Advisory Council is a council of fraud-fighting experts dedicated to the improvement and growth of the ACFE. Members may be asked to participate in quarterly member surveys, speak at ACFE events, write or review course materials, provide industry case studies and assist in professional development activities. As a member, you have the unique opportunity to help the ACFE chart the course for the future of fraud prevention and detection. 

    Provide Expert Opinion and Feedback
    Members of the ACFE Advisory Council have a direct line to the ACFE to give feedback on products and services, review future course materials and topics, share case studies, help plan events and seminars, serve on specialized committees and, most importantly, give expert opinion on a growing and changing industry. 

    Grow Professionally
    Members may participate in reviews, surveys and professional development activities that are on the cutting edge of fraud prevention and detection. Your contribution helps shape future course materials, seminars, workshops and products of the ACFE and gives you insight into the changing world of fraud education and training. 

    Network with Industry Professionals
    By participating in focus groups or speaking at upcoming conferences and seminars, members have the opportunity to network with other ACFE members, industry leaders and fraud fighters from all over the world.


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