• Chapter Leaders Committee

    Thank you for your interest in serving on an ACFE Committee. The application process is currently closed.  

    Chapter Awards Committee Purpose
    The purpose of the Chapter Leaders Committee (“the Committee”) is to provide input and guidance to help the ACFE develop and grow chapters worldwide.

    The committee shall be composed of no fewer than five and no more than nine members, each of whom shall be a member of ACFE in good standing.

    Current Committee Members

    • James Rumph, CFE, CPA, CIA (Chair)
    • Evangelia Dimitroulia, MBA, CFE, CIA
    • Wendy Hans, MBA, CFE
    • Jennoreen Casterine King, BSc, CFE
    • Evan Lemoine, CFE, CPA, CGMA
    • Matt Scott Molchany, CFE
    • Eric Rodriguez, CFE, CFCS, CCS
    • Arpinder Singh, CFE
    • Becky Yang O’Malley, CFE

    Specific Duties 

    The responsibilities of the Chapter Awards Committee are to:

    Advise the ACFE and the Board of Regents on challenges faced by local chapters and on solutions to those challenges;

    Develop an agenda for the annual Chapter Leaders Meeting held in conjunction with the ACFE Global Fraud Conference;

    Review nominations and make recommendations for the following awards:

    Chapter of the Year

    Chapter Website of the Year

    Make recommendations for improving the chapter awards nomination criteria and/or selection process; and

    Assume such other functions as deemed necessary by the Board of Regents or the President of ACFE, Inc.

    Meetings may be conducted in person or by conference call. The Committee Chair shall give reasonable notice to all Committee members of the place, day, time and purpose or purposes for any Committee meeting.


    Member Qualifications
    Significant experience in the anti-fraud profession; recognized leader or authority in your field; seriously concerned about best practices and learning solutions as demonstrated by speeches, attendance at meetings, or other visible efforts; actively involved in your chapter. Other qualifications include:

    Certified Fraud Examiner in good standing

    Current or former officer or director of an ACFE local chapter

    Regularly attend conference calls and important related meetings.

    Make serious commitment to participate actively in committee work.

    Volunteer for and willingly accept assignments and complete them thoroughly and on time.

    Stay informed about committee matters, prepare for meetings, and review and comment on minutes and reports.

    Get to know other committee members and builds a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus.

    Be an active participant in the committee's annual evaluation and planning efforts.

    Term of Office

    Members of the Committee serve staggered two-year terms.