• Computers & Technology

    The proliferation of technology in the modern-day workplace presents a world of opportunity for fraudsters – and a complex challenge for fraud examiners and investigators. Anti-fraud professionals must know how to combat cyber fraud and how to use technology in fraud examinations. Learning the basics of digital forensics is crucial to uncovering fraud in the 21st century.

  • Live Events  

    Investigating on the Internet Investigating on the Internet  

    In this seminar, you will learn how to locate evidence online using search engines, commercial databases and social-networking sites. This seminar will also discuss methods for researching foreign corporate records and various techniques for optimizing online searches, including advanced search functions and alternative search engines with unique features that might improve search quality. Learn more.  

    Detecting Fraud with Data Analytics Workshop  

    Cyberfraud and Data Breaches  

    Obtaining, Managing and Searching Electronic Evidence  

    Self-Study Courses  

    Protecting Against Emerging Cyber Risks Protecting Against Emerging Cyber Risks  

    The rapid and ongoing expansion of technology in the modern business environment has simultaneously empowered and complicated the efforts of fraud examiners around the world. In this course, you will discover emerging technological trends and their potential impacts, both negative and positive, on the investigative process. Learn more.  

    Data Analysis Techniques for Fraud Examiners 

    Investigating by Computer, Second Edition