• Legal Elements

    Anti-fraud professionals must become familiar with fundamental legal concepts involved in a fraud examination. Fraud examiners should know how to communicate effectively with attorneys, how to become expert witnesses and how to maintain the rights of the subjects of their inquiries. 

  • Self-Study Courses  

    Working with Attorneys in Fraud Examinations Working with Attorneys in Fraud Examinations  

    One of the most common and important relationships in fraud examinations is the one between the fraud examiner and the attorneys involved, including inside counsel, external counsel and prosecutors. This course examines the role of fraud examiners and attorneys in an investigation, as well as the best way to develop those relationships in various circumstances. Learn more.  

    Fundamentals of Fraud Examination: Legal Elements 

    The CFE as an Expert Witness  

    Corporate Probation: The Use of Independent Monitors to Improve Compliance and Prevent Fraud 

    Live Events  

    Legal Elements of a Fraud Examination Legal Elements of a Fraud Examination  

    Anti-fraud professionals must be aware of the legal issues that affect all financial investigations. This basic-level course is designed to cover the legal issues that you and your client or employer might face during a fraud examination. Learn more.  


    Advanced Fraud Examination Techniques 

    Principles of Fraud Examination 

    How to Testify