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Fraud in the News: What You May Have Missed  |  March 23, 2022

Hidden Assets

Justice Department Will Prosecute Financial Institutions That Help Russians Hide Assets

Takeaway: A new task force in the U.S. Justice Department will investigate and prosecute people, financial institutions and crypto exchanges that aid in hiding Russian assets. These assets can include real estate, bank accounts and artwork, among other things. The inclusion of crypto exchanges in the investigation is a result of a growing concern that these assets can be instrumental in avoiding sanctions.

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Anna Sorokin, Fake Heiress Who Stole Thousands, Makes New Bid to Evade Deportation 

Takeaway: Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, the convicted fraudster and subject of the recent Netflix series, "Inventing Anna," is again seeking to avoid deportation to Germany after her release. After spending three years behind bars, she has been in ICE custody challenging deportation. 


Banks can significantly reduce their levels of bad debt and collection expenses by specifically targeting first-party fraud. Advanced network analytics with real-time screening is the key to early fraud detection and prevention prior to incurring large losses. 

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Leissner's Many Confessions Threaten Case Against Ex-Goldman Banker Roger Ng

Takeaway: In testimony all but declaring himself a liar, Tim Leissner opened the door to questions regarding the fate of Roger Ng in the 1MDB fraud trial. Ng is the only Goldman Sachs employee to be brought to trial over the billions of dollars looted from 1MDB; Leissner pleaded guilty in 2018 for his role and testified against Ng for leniency in his own case. 

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Dog people love their dogs, there is no doubt about it, but how far would you go for your pet? Sarma Melngailis, a New York restaurateur, endured psychological abuse from her partner, Anthony Strangis, in addition to committing grand larceny and criminal tax fraud, in a bid to secure "immortality" for herself and her pup. "Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives," a ruff new documentary on Netflix, analyzes the reality bending required to wrap one's head around such a doggone strange concept. I guess Melngailis loved her pup so much she believed anything was paw-sible.

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