• ACFE Personal Information Rights Policy

      When does the ACFE sell personal information?

      For attendees of the ACFE’s Global Fraud Conference, the ACFE allows conference sponsors and exhibitors to send two physical mailings to attendees, meaning those sponsors/exhibitors receive the attendees’ name, physical address of record, and the limited permission to send the two promotional mailings (where allowed under law). Because organizations purchase sponsorships and exhibition space, this transfer of information may be considered a sale of information to a third party under California privacy law.

      Opt out

      We are happy to allow any of our members or customers to opt out of this transfer of information. To opt out of ACFE sharing your physical address with our Global Fraud Conference sponsors and exhibitors for limited mailings and any similar transfers that might occur in the future, simply submit an email with your name, address, and member number (if you have one) to optout@acfe.com with the title “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.”

      Please note that for requests submitted by email, the ACFE will do its best to comply with your request, but in some cases, we might not have enough information to identify the person requesting to opt out. For example, if you submit an email but do not include your name and address or otherwise do not submit sufficient information to identify you, the ACFE may not be able to successfully opt you out.

      To learn more about how the ACFE uses your personal information, please see our Privacy Policy.