Occupational Fraud 2024:

A Report To
The Nations®


the report

13th edition of the largest global study on occupational fraud

Based on 1,921 real cases of occupational fraud

Data from 138 countries and territories

22 major industry categories included

Explores the costs, schemes, victims and perpetrators of fraud


what's inside

Learn who puts your organization at risk

See which employees or departments present the greatest fraud risk for your organization. Learn where the largest frauds are likely to occur. Identify behavioral clues that can be indicators of fraudulent conduct.

  • <1 YEAR
  • 1-5 YEARS
  • 6-10 YEARS
  • 250
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • 0

The longer a fraudster has worked for an organization, the more costly the fraud.

Median Loss: $50,000
Median Loss: $100,000
Median Loss: $200,000
Median Loss: $250,000
More than half of occupational frauds occur due to lack of internal controls or an override of existing internal controls.
  • Lack of Internal
    Controls (32%)
  • Override of Existing Controls (19%)

Benchmark your organization

Compare your organization's fraud risks by industry, region and size. Benchmark your anti-fraud efforts against similar organizations and against the most effective methods for reducing fraud losses.

Discover Trends

Learn how occupational fraud is committed and the most common ways it is detected. Identify fraud losses at global, industry and organizational levels. Discover how organizations respond when occupational fraud has been identified.


43%  of occupational frauds were detected by a tip, which is more than  3x  as many cases as the next common method.


the report

Occupational Fraud 2024: A Report to the Nations®

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